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***UPDATE:  New BLACK Front Panels Available for W8ZR SP-II Station Controller***

10 August 2014:  A new black front panel is now available for the W8ZR SP-II Station Controller.  The panel is black with white lettering and includes a new power switch.  The panel and switch combo can be ordered from the W8ZR Station Controller page on the website.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

***UPDATE:  SW-100 Band Switch Wafers Back In Stock***

21 July 2014:  The SW-100 band switch wafers are now back in stock.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

**UPDATE:  FB-220, FB-922 & CP-210 Kits Back In Stock***

18 June 2014:  The FB-220 filter capacitor block, FB-922 filter capacitor block and CP-210 capacitor set are now back in stock.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

***UPDATE:  PM-400 Kits Back In Stock***

02 June 2014:  The PM-400 power supply rebuild kit for the Drake L-4/L-4B/L-7 is now back in stock.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

***UPDATE:  New Reproduction SB-220 Front Panels***

07 May 2014:  I am now pleased to announce availability of new blank and finished front panels for the SB-220.  These panels are new reproductions of the original Heathkit SB-220 front panel.  They are available unfinished (as shown below) so you can finish the panel to your own liking or painted and lettered to match the original Heathkit SB-220.  They are available in the Heathkit SB-220 products section.  I will also have a limited number of blank panels at Dayton.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

SB-220 Panel

***UPDATE:  New Adapter Kit for the Drake 2-Pin VOX Connector***

03 May 2014:  I am now pleased to announce availability of the new RA-VOX2RCA adapter kit from Paul Kraemer, K0UYA.  The RA-VOX2RCA is an adapter kit to allow conversion of the Drake 2-pin relay connector used on AC-4 power supplies and L-4 series linear amplifiers to a standard RCA phono jack to facilitate interconnection with a traditional RCA patch cord.  The conversion also allows for easy connection of the AC-4 keying circuit to other linear amplifiers that use a standard RCA jack for connection of the keying line.  The kit comes with a new RCA jack, lock washer, ground lug and adapter plate.  They are available in the Drake products section.  I will also have them at Dayton.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

***UPDATE:  New Plug-In Relay Adapter Kits for the Drake TR-4 & T-4X/T-4XB***

19 April 2014:  In response to customer requests, I am now pleased to announce availability of 2 new kits, the RA-TR4 and  the RA-T4X/B.  These are plug-in relay adapter kits for the Drake TR-4 and T-4X/T-4XB radios.  These kits replace the old chassis-mounted T/R relay with a small PC board and new plug-in relay.  All components are included in the kits including a new relay, socket, PC board, wire, spaghetti tubing and complete installation instructions.  They are available in the Drake products section.  I will also have them at Dayton.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

***UPDATE:  New PM-2500 Kit for the Dentron MLA-2500 Development Nearly Complete***

15 December 2013:  Development of the new PM-2500 kit for the Dentron MLA-2500 and MLA-2500B amps is nearly complete!  The kit will contain a new rectifier/control board and a new filter capacitor board.  The control board uses a pre-programmed PIC chip and a MOSFET to replace the time delay tube.  A new RLY2 and socket will also be included in the kit along with all other discrete components.  It looks as if one kit will be compatible with both the MLA-2500 and MLA-2500B amps.  The first prototype boards have been submitted for manufacturing.  I will be looking for a couple beta testers soon.  If you are interested, please let me know.  73, Jeff  W8CQ

***NEW Product Announcement***


29 November 2013:  At the request of many customers, Harbach Electronics, LLC has added the RY-T4RC/T4XC replacement relay to the product line.  This relay is an exact replacement T/R relay for the Drake TR-4C and T-4XC.  It is located in the “Drake Equipment” section of the website.