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Your World-Wide Source For Amateur Radio Amplifier Parts & Upgrade Kits

Your World-Wide Source For Amateur Radio Amplifier Parts & Upgrade Kits


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Harbach Electronics, Website

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We are only open for sales to people who reside within the United States of America and Canada. This should only be temporary.

At first, we will only be accepting payments via paypal, Bank teller check or money order made out to AMP GUY LLC. If paying with a bank teller check or money order you must send me an email.

We have a minimum order of 25 dollars prior to shipping costs.

I have marked some items out of stock as have limited stock on those items.  I will address stock numbers after the initial rush.

If you are in dire need of a certain part feel free to send me a message, I will do my best to accommodate you.

For those who do not follow us on, be sure to check our channel via the link below.

Also our sister repair-oriented site, with lots of interesting pictures and content.

Ham Repair Guy – Ameritron And Other Tube Amplifier Repair Service. By An Active Extra Class Amateur Radio operator Kb1sel. 203-892-4119 – Ham Rf Tube Amplifier Repair (