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Your World-Wide Source For Amateur Radio Amplifier Parts & Upgrade Kits

SP-POD Set of Three (3) PC Boards


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Transceiver “pods” are the StationPro’s answer to vexing  behind-the-desk cable clutter. Each pod is  a simple “breakout box” which is configured during assembly for  your particular rig. Inside the small plastic enclosure is a universal printed circuit board, so builders can use as many or as few functions as they need. Vintage radios, such as Collins or Drake rigs, use only a few  control functions, while complex rigs, such as the Icom IC-7800, may use many. The pods connect to the StationPro’s control unit with an ordinary 25-conductor computer serial cable. Three pod PC boards are supplied with each SP-POD order.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 2.0 × 0.40 in